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cinema3way ep3.3-genre films- “Easy Rider”

What do you think of this slice of American Pie?  This was a film that defined a generation, and it still entertains and surprises today.  Haven't seen it?  Shame on you!  Unless you are from Turkey, like our charming host Birsen, who gives us an interesting 'outsider' pov of American culture in the 60's.  Our resident film historian, John Madden, fills in a lot of the holes for her.  What about you- dear listener and the 3rd in our 3way?  What do you think of this iconic film?  Comment, share and let us know what group of films we should do next?

cinema3way ep3.2-genre films- “The Mack”

The genre of Blaxploitation has been derided by critics and many organizations such as the NAACP, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and National Urban League; who contributed to the demise of the genre in the late 1970's.  However, many of the films did realistically represent the black urban experience, like The Mack, which has had a huge influence on American culture.  If you haven't seen it, listen to the show and watch it- participate in our 3way!  Comments & shares welcome!

cinema3way ep3.1-genre films- “Fist of Legend”

Join charming Birsen Birdir & John Madden for our cinema3way! This show is all about genre films!  Listen to all 3 shows to learn about some of the great genre films of all time!  YOU are the third in our cinema3way- so participate by commenting, sharing, and watching these fantastic films!

cinema3way ep2.1 Introduction to John Ford

Welcome to cinema3way- the WGDA radio show with 2 hosts from completely different cultures, make the watch a 3 film immersion into a director or genre, and talk about them!  Its just our excuse to watch and talk about movies a lot!!  We hope this show will introduce you to some of the classics of film.  Series 2 is all about John Ford- who led an incredible life, directed more than 140 films and won a record four Academy Awards for Best Director (1935, 1940, 1941, 1952).  John Madden argues that he is the best film director of all time!  Birsen Birdir may not agree, but it sure makes interesting radio!  Listen to 2.2, 2.3 & 2.4 to hear about the films in the immersion!

cinema3way ep2.2

A lesser known John Ford film that garnered him his 1st Academy Award, this film is still relevant today and is a far cry from the westerns that Ford is known for.  Yet Ford's style and values are still very recognizable.  Loyalty is a common theme in Ford films, and we hope you will show your loyalty to WGDA radio, listen to more podcasts and share with your friends and friends!  We're also available on iTunes, and we love to get your comments on our shows!

cinema3way ep2.3 “The Searchers” directed by John Ford

Devastating film about the hard life in the wild west.  What does a modern Turk think about this film from 1956, named by AFI as the greatest western of all time?  What does John Madden, film historian extraordinaire; have to say about one of the most compelling characters Ford and Wayne ever created?  Listen and find out!

cinema3way ep2.4 “The Quiet Man” directed by John Ford

Lots can be said about Academy Award winner "The Quiet Man", a film very close to John Ford's heart that he had to fight to get made.  Want to learn more? Whaddya waiting for- listen now!  Birsen gives us the romantic view, John regales us with his Irish accent- what a great broadcasting match!

cinema3way ep1.4- “Underworld USA” directed by Samuel Fuller

The facts... the faces... the film that cracks America's organized crime syndicate wide open!  "Underworld USA" is all about revenge, violence, and the bad choices people make.  This is the last film in our cinema3way of Samuel Fuller, one of America's greatest directors.  Have you learned something? Will you investigate this director yourself?  Thanks for being the 3rd, most important part of our 3-way.  We hope you will fully participate with comments & suggestions, and that you will get out of your comfort zone and WATCH MORE MOVIES!!!

cinema3way ep1.3- “The Naked Kiss” directed by Samuel Fuller

Amazingly enough, this movie was made in 1964!  Fuller deals with topics in this film that would be shocking today, and this film although a success made it difficult for Fuller to get a film made in Hollywood.  With dialogue that BITES, no wonder Tarantino is such a big fan of Samuel Fuller.  Find out more with John and Birsen in their 2nd film for a Fuller cinema3way!

cinema3way ep1.2- “The Steel Helmet” directed by Samuel Fuller

Fuller's experience in the infantry informs this brutally honest film about the Korean war.  As the 1st film in this cinema3way, "The Steel Helmet" sets the tone for this immersion into Fuller's scathing portrayal of American society- as a Birsen says, "as decadent, stupid and racist."  This is much, much more than a simple war movie.  Up next, the steamy and shocking "The Naked Kiss".  If you like what we're doing- please let us know through your comments & sharing!

cinema3way ep1.1- Intro to Samuel Fuller

Be the 3rd in our 3way! John and Birsen are exploring director Samuel Fuller through 3 films- "The Steel Helmet", "The Naked Kiss" and "Underworld USA".  In this intro you'll get a little background on the favorite director of Linklater, Jarmusch, Scorsese, Franco and Tarantino.  Following the intro are podcasts for each film, we hope that you will be so intrigued by our cinema3way that you will check out some of these films.  We welcome your feedback and comments, share if you like!

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