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Certainty and Duality, Ep198 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson is soaking up so much information, he is blowing our minds!  He might blow yours, too, unless you happen to be James Burke!!  Please share us with all your family and friends, and if you want to ask us a question- go to our facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/whaddyagonnadoaboutit.  And please LIKE us, because WE like YOU!!

7 liberal arts and multiplication, Ep197 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

BIG MILESTONE TODAY- Thomson lost his 1st tooth!!  And he has learned the components of a liberal arts education!  Thomson has been studying all of these for a couple of years, and perhaps you will marvel at his knowledge on today's show!!

Thanks for listening!  Please share with all your friends & family!!  Some of our avid fans listen to Cup of Coffee or Bedtime Stories every night with the whole family before bedtime!  Lots of love- ELE!

DNA and organelles, Ep158 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Wow, does this kid know his biology or what?  Fascinating!  We are so excited to be doing more of Thomson's OG show!!  We've missed it, and we've missed hearing from you, dear listeners!  ELE!

Red Blood Cells and Biology, Ep145 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson's knowledge of red blood cells surprised even his Dad! This kid loves biology! He is surpassing junior high science levels at this point, we will have to send Thomson to a very special school so he won't be bored!  We'd love to hear your feedback on podbean and iTunes and facebook and wherever else you like to comment!

Hearts and Blood, Ep143 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Learn all about a very important organ- your HEART!  I hope this episode captures your heart and you feel so compelled that you share our little show with all of your friends and family!

Thanks for listening- ELE!

Science Quiz and Squibs, EP139 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Do you know the 5 layers of Earth's atmosphere? How about the 5 states of matter? Listen now to refresh your science knowledge with 4yo Thomson!  Can you believe the stuff he absorbs in that awesome brain?! Thanks for listening, please share, subscribe and come back for more. ELE!

Astronomy and Planets, Ep137 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Time to talk about Astronomy and the planets in our solar system!  This is my favorite Basher book that Thomson has, its amazing when you can learn along with your kid!  I want more astronomy on the next show, how about you guys?  What is your favorite Cup of Coffee with Thomson?

Make sure to check out our new movie review show- cinema3way- where Thomson's Dad and Turkish TV star Birsen Birdir watch 3 films by 1 director.  Movie lovers and even film geeks will learn something new on cinema3way!  ELE!

Advanced Periodical Table and the ATOM! EP128 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

What's your favorite element? Thomson started with the Basher book on the periodic table, now he has this awesome chart with actual pictures of the elements. Do you know what the atomic number means? Well find out on the show today!

Good radio today, thanks for listening! We love your comments, so leave some! BTW, who would like to see Thomson do a periodic rap?!

Electromagnetism and Forces, Ep115 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Do you know the 4 forces in the universe? OK, Thomson didn't know them either, but Dad does! Thomson also learns about icicles, something we don't get a lot of in San Francisco, but we are thinking about all of those dealing with lots of icicles right now- brrrrr!
Thanks for listening- stay warm and EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY!!

Chemistry and Dinosaurs, EP107 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson now flies through his books, he's been reading on his own for almost a year!  His comprehension and memory is off the charts- so if you failed chemistry or never got down your periodic table, come study with Thomson- he makes it fun! 

Special shout outs to Basher Books for making Thomson's favorite books and to Podbean for featuring us this week on their website!  If you are a new listener, check out archived episodes where 4yo Thomson talks about trains, astronomy, music, heroes, villains, and one of his favorite subjects- Stephen Hawking!  We also make hockey podcasts and movie reviews, so stop back by or add our mobile app to your iphone.

Thanks for listening- ELE!!

Chemistry and Rocks and Minerals, Ep105 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Do you know your chemicals for life? Me neither, but Thomson does! Oh, and he gets a little agro about green house gases! Learn more about amber and all sorts of things with Thomson and his dad! Special guest appearance by Cranky & Charlie!

Thanks for listening- ELE!

Weather and Earth, EP102 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Thomson loves to play imaginative games like running from tornadoes and staying on his 'boat' (a blanket on the floor) during a hurricane!  He learns about all of this weather stuff from his cool Basher book on weather, and of course from his Dad, who knows a lot about a lot of things!  Who knows, maybe YOU, our dear listeners; will learn something new!  And if you don't- pick a subject that you would like to have Thomson & John talk about and they will do it!!! 

Very special shout outs today to Alexandra VanWay, who is in the hospital and needs all of our love and healing energy to beat crohn's disease into submission.  If you would like more information about crohn's or would like to do something to help find a cure, visit http://www.ccfa.org/escapethestall/.

Thanks for listening!  ELE! 

John Ryan and Science, EP96 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson got to hang out with his super cool cousin, John Ryan!  They talked about rocks and minerals and Thomson showed him around the Academy of Sciences.  John and Nancy brought beautiful flowers from Hawaii & California!  Plus, Thomson's HOCKEY PICKS!!!  How do your picks match up with Thomson?  Comment & let us know!

Stephen Hawking and Nature, Ep85 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Where does Stephen Hawking live??  Well Quantum Physics says... infinite possibilities and all!  Who cares about Big Foot? or Nature?  The challenge of having a smart kid- they know everything and are a bit contrary!  Absolutely hilarious show, had me in tears!  Hope you like it, too- ELE!!!! 

Stephen Hawking & Technology, EP68 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

A Stephen Hawking clay figure! And a pool, because how else could he race his wheelchair??!!  Special shout outs to Free Gold Watch and Great Indian Food!  Thomson & John also talk about Technology, like Smart Materials.

Thanks for listening, please come back often!  ELE!

Stephen Hawking & Robots, EP64 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

 OK, have you ever envisioned Stephen Hawking as a super hero?  No?  Well obviously you are not a 4 year old!  This has to go down as one of the most bizarre shows we've done, Thomson is developing quite an interesting imagination!  And when you are done listening- SHARE! And when you are done sharing, RUN TO THE POOL! ELE!

Rocks and Minerals, Ep45 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Thomson is becoming so good at being a radio show host!  Thomson loves rocks & minerals- do you know the names of these?  Time to learn something from a 4yo!!!  AND- Thomson asks- WHO'S OUT THERE??  Leave a message for Thomson so he knows who's listening- and you will be a special shout out!

Thanks for listening- ELE!

Periodic Table Advances on Ep44 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson memorized the Periodic Table of Elements when he was 2yo, so now its time to learn a little bit more about these elements that make up our world!  Thomson just loves to soak up these stuff- so much so that he doesn't want to say goodbye this time!

Keep listening, and we'll keep getting better!  We love you!  ELE!!!

Science Museum and UnderDog, Ep43 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson is in rare form today!  He plays "Twinkle, Twinkle" on the xylophone, talks about the rain forest, technology and meteors AND manages to spill egg & chorizo all over the place.  Don't you love 4 year olds?!  BTW, if you can help John with chorizo cooking hints, please post a comment here!

Thanks for your support!  ELE!!

Technology & Archimedes, EP28 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson


Romans vs Greeks- which do we descend from ideologically?  Sound a bit high minded for a 4yo?

Well, then you don't know Thomson!!  He knows a lot about technology and can operate an iphone

better than much of our family!  Check it out- be amazed & maybe learn something, too!


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