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Rocketing Space Man, Episode 3

THE BOMBS INCINERATE MARS!!! As our assorted characters begin their quests, more is revealed about them and the nefarious Warlord Norkantia Mortombous. Can Torbanus Fellatian REALLY be the simple Amish Chinese Checkers champ he claims to be? Is it ever ok to wear white shoes after Labor Day? All of this and more, may or may not be answered in this, the third epic episode of ROCKETINGSPACEMAAAAAAAAAANNN!NN!!!!!!

Rocketing Space Man, Episode 2

Roooooocketing Space Ma-aaaaaan!  Join us for another episode of the strangest cliff-hanging serial fun since The Goon Show!  Starring John Madden in too many roles to mention, Jody Yvette, Brock Roland, Chance "The Love Doctor" Hill Lamar, Cass Noonan, and many, many more!!!!  Each episode a thrill ride!  Listen a couple of times to make sure you get all the jokes, and.... share with your friends!!!!

Rocketing Space Man, Episode #1

Roooocketing Space Maaaaaan!  Abuse your brain with the cliff-hanging serial that will have you asking, why did I eat the onion pie for lunch??  Nothing like anything you've ever heard, unless you've heard of the Goon Show!  Amazing characters, silly situations, the freshest serial radio program in ages- TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT!  And if you don't, try another, maybe you weren't listening right!!!

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