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Magic Number Nine Hockey Broadcast, 10/17/13

Avalanche undefeated, strong Sharks opening, who else looks good so far in the NHL?  John Madden has been called a hockey expert, amongst other things!  Whether you agree with his analysis or not, this dude knows A LOT about hockey!  So if you are a fan of the best sport in the world, you are gonna like MAGIC NUMBER NINE!! 

Special SHOUT OUTS to Laurie Madden and Vinecenzo Muro for commenting on the significance of the number nine.  We love comments, so tell us what you think!

Magic Number Nine Hockey Broadcast, 10/10/13

Gearing up for the Red Wing game tonight!  PLUS up to date hockey news, exciting recaps of last night's games, who's injured, who's suspended.  Lots of good games tonight, John makes his picks.
Magic Number Nine- the ONLY 7min hockey broadcast- fast and hard-hitting just like the BEST SPORT IN THE WORLD!

Magic Number Nine Hockey Broadcast, 10/7/13

Preview of games coming up, over view and analysis of weekend games, and of course LOTS of Red Wings talk!  Is Chicago still the team to beat this season?  How WILL the Sharks do this season?  How do you feel about fighting in hockey?

Magic Number Nine Hockey Broadcast, DAY 1!

Oct 1, 2013, DAY ONE of the FULL SEASON of hockey!!  Go DEEP into the game with John Madden, some call him a hockey expert, some just call him a nut, some would say- What's the difference?!  Regardless- hate the game or love it- you will have a better appreciation for the game after 7 minutes of...
Magic Number Nine
your resource for hockey recaps, news and predictions

Red Wings Preseason, Magic Number Nine Hockey Podcasts!

Gearing up for the 2013-2014 hockey season!  Here's your 7min overview of where the Red Wings stand as we enter the season.  Stay tuned for more in depth coverage of the greatest sport every devised by man- HOCKEY!!!

Detroit RedWings VS Chicago Blackhawks, Round2 of playoffs on Magic Number Nine

After 3 games in this incredible series, are we looking at an upset in progress?  Get a great inside look at this incredible match up by literally one of the BIGGEST REDWINGS FAN in broadcasting- John Madden!  Get pumped up for the game tonight with Magic Number Nine!

Sharks VS Kings, Round2 of playoffs on Magic Number Nine

Who will win this California throw down?  And who will the winner play next?  Get recaps & predictions here on Magic Number Nine- your NHL playoff hockey podcast!

Rangers VS Bruins, round 2 playoffs on Magic Number Nine

Catch up on the playoff games with Magic Number Nine hockey podcasts!  Don't miss a minute- this is one of the most exciting NHL playoff seasons ever!

Penguins VS Senators- Game 2 on Magic Number Nine

Grudging respect for Crosby, yes the Penguins are stacked.  Can the Senators rise to the occasion, or did beating the Canadians take too much out of them?  Get your recaps on all the playoff hockey games here on MAGIC NUMBER NINE.

Magic Number 9- HOCKEY PLAYOFFS- round2- Part-2 THE WEST

Some of the most exciting playoff hockey in years!  Get the update here on Magic Number Nine!!

Magic Number 9- HOCKEY PLAYOFFS- round2- Part-1 THE EAST

Get the full recap of round 2 of the NHL HOCKEY PLAYOFFS!  Part-1 THE EAST!

Rangers VS Capitals- GAME 1 on Magic Number Nine

Full recap & in depth look into the NY RANGERS VS. WASHINGTON CAPITALS on Magic Number Nine- your resource for playoff hockey!!

Senators VS Canadiens- GAME 1 on Magic Number Nine

Wow- was this a great match up with a fantastic crowd! Hockey Night in Canadien puts NBC coverage of NHL playoffs to shame!  Get the full recap here on Magic Number Nine, for this & ALL the playoff hockey!

Kings VS. Blues- GAME 2 on Magic Number Nine

KINGS VS. BLUES- who will win this showdown? Get the full recap of GAME 2 on Magic Number Nine!


Ducks VS. Red Wings- GAME 2 on Magic Number Nine

Oh boy, are we happy Red Wings fans today!!! Duck fans need not apply to this broadcast, you WILL be offended!


Leafs VS Bruins- Game 1 on Magic Number Nine

Are the Toronto Maple Leafs hungry enough to bring down the incredible talent of the Boston Bruins?  Get an in depth look at all of the play off games & the teams still in the running for the Stanley Cup on... MAGIC NUMBER NINE- Your play off hockey podcast, now available on mobile!  https://whaddyagonnadoaboutit.podbean.com/mobile/


Penguins VS Islanders- Game 1 on Magic Number Nine

Magic Number Nine takes a look at the depth of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the impending move & doom of the New York Islanders.

WATCH MORE HOCKEY! And catch up on what you didn't watch with Magic Number Nine- also available on our mobile app!


Sharks VS Canucks- Game 1 on Magic Number Nine


Magic Number Nine, your PLAY OFF HOCKEY PODCAST, takes an in-depth look at these two teams-

who will win this battle of the west?


Kings VS. Blues- GAME 1 on Magic Number Nine

Magic Number Nine is BACK & covering EVERY playoff game in a short, fully packed 5 minutes!

Can the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions make it past the 1st round against the Saint Louis Blues?

Get John Madden's take on it HERE!  ELE!

Blackhawks VS. Wild- GAME 1 on Magic Number Nine

Magic Number Nine is your resource for the 2013 NHL playoffs! In a packed

7 minutes of ranting & raving you'll get John Madden's opinion of GAME 1 of

the Chicago Blackhawks VS. Minnesota Wild.


Ducks VS. Red Wings- GAME 1 on Magic Number Nine


This year's play offs line up is epic- including all of the original 6 hockey clubs! So get the run down of all the games here-

Starting with the Detroit Red Wings VS. Anaheim Ducks in game 1.


Magic Number Nine, Stanley Cup Finals GAME 1

Straight to the point- very, VERY, DRUNK!  High-powered, condensed, hockey smack down.  In the long dark night of mourning the loss of our Captain, oh my captain, Nicklas Lidstrom's retirement.

Magic Number Nine, Episode 6, 5-8-12

MORE HOCKEY!!!!!  Some great surprises in this play off season, some disappointments, but plenty of excitement.  Recaps, predictions, and all things HOCKEY old and new- MAGIC NUMBER NINE IS YOUR HOCKEY RESOURCE!

Magic Number Nine, Episode 5, 4/30/12

ROUND TWO HAS BEGUN!!! Ken Hitchcock's "chuck and change" system runs into an LA offensive, penalty-killing meatgrinder, The Desert Dogs are tearing apart the Nashville kitty-cats, New York and Washington grapple for dominance - Torts vs Hunter, New Jersey drops the first one to a bullet called Briere, and this weeks team profile of the Philadelphia Flyers will leave you gasping for breath. THIS IS THE MAGIC NUMBER NINE HOCKEY BROADCAST!! Simply the best Playoff Hockey Podcast on EARTH! Aspect of the game? TOUGHNESS. FACE OFF!!

Magic Number Nine, Episode 4, 04/23/12

The first round of the playoffs has been a BROU-HA-HA!!! We recap the blood that has been spilled, the elimination of the Red Wings, Sharks, Canucks, and Penguins, and look at the blood yet to be spilled. Our team profile this week is St. Louis and the new Ken Hitchcock "chuck and change" system that wrought havoc on the Sharks. And in the "Aspect of the game" we look a little bit at the Powerplay, a decisive element in many a series this week, especially St. Louis/San Jose, and Philly/Pens. Say good night Mikey Babs - you and the Red Wings are couch bound until August. THIS IS THE MAGIC NUMBER NINE HOCKEY BROADCAST!!!! FACE OFF!!!!

Magic Number Nine, Episode 3, 4/16/12

In this episode of Magic Number Nine, Brendan Shanahan gets his balls cut off and the league throws discipline away.  The "FIX" is in.  Plus special guest Anthony "Coldbox" Carty talks of his passion to root for any team playing the Red Wings, team profile of the Nashville Predators, a SAVAGE recap of last week's games and visionary prognostications for this week and beyond.  And of course lots of ranting & raving about the best sport on earth by your host, John Madden!

Magic Number Nine, Episode 2, 4/10/12

RANT & RAVE with us on Magic Number Nine- THE hockey podcast for the 2012 Play Offs Season!  In this episode, John discusses who's in the playoffs and the games that got them there.  John also rants about the most basic & most important aspect of the game- handling the puck!  TEAM SPOTLIGHT- the Calgary Flames!  Guest host - John Marovich.  LISTEN, COMMENT, RANT, ENJOY THE GREATEST SPORT EVER!

Magic Number Nine, Episode 1, 04/03/12

Magic Number Nine is a hockey podcast hosted by John Madden to rant about the 2012 play off season.  The first episode talks about who's likely to make it in the playoffs, takes an in depth look at what is considered a legal hit, Team spotlight on the Detroit Red Wings, and includes guest host Jody Yvette.

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