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Bedtime Stories, “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood”, chapter 1

Howard Pyle loved to weave stories, at first on a harp and then writing them down for everyone to enjoy, and enjoy we have for generation after generation.  Perhaps you are familiar with the many movie versions of Robin Hood, but have you read the stories?  If not, I think you will be pleasantly surprised! 

Hope you enjoy this and share, we can all read it together! ELE!

Bedtime Stories, “Robinson Crusoe”, Chapter 15

The exciting finale of The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe!  Its been quite a ride, thanks for taking it with us.  Coming up next...

Aliens and Motors, Ep161 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

How many arms do aliens have?! Find out today with Thomson! LOL!  ELE!!

Bedtime Stories, “Robinson Crusoe”, Chapter 14

Robinson Crusoe's adventures are coming to a close, it has been quite a life journey!

Bedtime Stories, “Robinson Crusoe”, Chapter 13

What about the rest of the sailors on the boat?  Listen in to find out how Crusoe deals with this problem.

Bedtime Stories, “Robinson Crusoe”, Chapter 12

Englishmen come to the island! But what will it mean? Have they arrived to rescue Crusoe? Listen and find out!

Animation and Superheros, Ep160 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Its the BACK TO SCHOOL EPISODE!  That's why we are all so tired!!  But talking about superheros certainly perks Thomson up!  What's your favorite superhero?  Thomson wants to know!  Comment here, and maybe he'll talk about your favorite superhero next time.  Thanks for listening- ELE!

Bedtime Stories, “Robinson Crusoe”, Chapter 11

Were you hanging on the edge of your seat?  Well hang no more, here's chapter 11!

Books and TV shows, EP159 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Great show today, you can tell these 2 have missed doing their radio show for you!!  What do you think of Thomson's list of his favorite books & tv shows?  Pretty funny!  Thanks for listening, ELE!!

Bedtime Stories, “Robinson Crusoe”, Chapter 10

After 27 years on this island, will this be Robinson Crusoe's escape?  Or will the cannibals get to him 1st? 

Bedtime Stories, “Robinson Crusoe”, Chapter 9

Chapter 9, Friday devotes himself to Robinson.  At least that's how Daniel Defoe wrote it!  What do you think, dear listeners?

Bedtime Stories, “Robinson Crusoe”, Chapter 8

Another fascinating chapter of Robinson Crusoe!  Enjoy!

Bedtime Stories, “Robinson Crusoe”, Chapter 7

Bedtime Stories with Thomson continues with "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe", Chapter 7, Cannibals!  Beware, kids listening to this may be disturbed and pick up some offensive language- like referring to SAVAGES!  Even though this is absolutely a book of its time, the struggles that Robinson has are still relevant today.  Just as our society has questioned our perspective on these 'savages', so does Robinson question his own thoughts of other peoples' behaviors.  Fascinating- read on with us and join the conversation!

DNA and organelles, Ep158 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Wow, does this kid know his biology or what?  Fascinating!  We are so excited to be doing more of Thomson's OG show!!  We've missed it, and we've missed hearing from you, dear listeners!  ELE!

Bedtime Stories, “Robinson Crusoe”, Chapter 6

After years of seeing no other humans, Robinson discovers a mysterious footprint!

Bedtime Stories, “Robinson Crusoe”, Chapter 5

Robinson makes a canoe!  How long do you think this would take?!  You will not believe the answer, and I doubt if many of us would have the patience and skill required.  This book is a revelation for our times, where very few of us know how to make anything!  Enjoy, stay-tuned for more- this is easy to do when you download our mobile app.  https://whaddyagonnadoaboutit.podbean.com/mobile/, at the bottom of the screen click the "Quick Launch" icon. Once you've done this it will add our app to your home screen, making listening easy!

Bedtime Stories, “A Tale of Two Cities”, Ch17-18 FINALE!

The exciting conclusion of A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens!  Coming up next...we will continue with Robinson Crusoe!

Bedtime Stories, “A Tale of Two Cities”, Ch16

We're almost finished with this literary classic, so whaddya think?  Last 2 chapters will be available tomorrow!

Summer and Baseball, Ep157 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Getting back into the swing of our beloved Cup of Coffee with Thomson shows!  Its been a busy summer, can you believe this cool trophy Thomson got from Coach Will?!  Pretty cool!  Thank you San Francisco Giants for this awesome FREE little league!  We all loved the experience!

Bedtime Stories, “A Tale of Two Cities”, Ch15

Taking chapter 15 from the top- DOOMED!

Bedtime Stories, “A Tale of Two Cities”, Ch14- part-2, Ch15- part-1

Things are getting pretty exciting here! Hope you enjoy!

Bedtime Stories, “A Tale of Two Cities”, Chapter 14, part-1

Almost done with a Tale of Two Cities, what literary classic will be next? Stay tuned, and share with your circle of friends and family!

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