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Tools and Hockey, Ep142 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Easter bunnies, church, hockey, nails and screws... what do all of these things have in common?  THOMSON!! LOL! 

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Fish skeletons and Easter eggs, Ep141 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Do you know what an ichthyologist is? Learn with Thomson today and hear all about hunting for eggs & cool crafts at the Laurel Hill Nursery School Spring Fair!  Thanks for listening- share & subscribe to keep us going! ELE!


Artist and Shout outs, ep140 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Laurel Hill Nursery School has had its student's art up at the Richmond library for the last 2 weeks, tomorrow it moves to the Presidio Library- if you go to check it out look for Thomson's diptych, "Happy Day"!  Thanks for listeneing- ELE!!

Special SHOUT-OUTS- Uncle Dave and Matt at Free Gold Watch!


Science Quiz and Squibs, EP139 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Do you know the 5 layers of Earth's atmosphere? How about the 5 states of matter? Listen now to refresh your science knowledge with 4yo Thomson!  Can you believe the stuff he absorbs in that awesome brain?! Thanks for listening, please share, subscribe and come back for more. ELE!


Toast and Responsibility, Ep138 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Happy Spring Break! We've been cozy at home, watching the rain come down.  Today we take a break from this busy schedule to do some radio for you!  And Thomson invited me to be his special guest!  Hope you enjoy it- ELE!