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Art and Dinosaurs, Ep124 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson wants to know- what's your favorite dinosaur? I bet you can guess what Thomson's favorite is, I think its every little boy's favorite dinosaur!  And he has his special mask on so he can read his dinosaur book to you, dear listeners!!

Over 50K people have stopped by and listened, thank you! ELE!!

Paint and Music, Ep123 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

You know that Paint program you never use on your PC? Well Thomson probably knows how to use it better than you! He can even name his files and save them!  He's got his own folder of art on the desktop, stay tuned for ways that you can get a signed work of art for Thomson!

This is a special show dedicated to our #1 fans, Brett and Josie!  Thanks for listening- ELE!

Brachiosaurus and Rudolph, ep122 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

What do Brachiosaurus and Rudolph have in common? I have no idea, perhaps YOU, dear listener; can figure it out!! 4yo's are just bizarre! We are happy to have so many listeners that enjoy hearing Thomson weave his tales.

We learned yesterday that 4yo Josie not only learns about things like cartography from this show, but that she also loves to go to sleep to the soothing sounds of John & Thomson's voices!  We love to hear your feedback, please share your thoughts with us!  Podbean requires login to comment, but you can also comment on facebook, twitter and linkedin.  ELE!

Cartography and treasure! Ep121 of A Cup of Thomson

When was the last time you created a map for treasure?! You don't need the treasure to create the map, because everyone knows the path IS the goal! And Thomson is definitely all about the path! Thomson uses chalk on sidewalk to note how to find important things like rocks from Mars and Venus.  So if you are walking around in San Francisco, keep an eye out, maybe you will find Thomson's cartography! Thanks for listening, please share & follow, you can even download our mobile app for the iPhone! ELE!

Finnegan and His Wake, EP120 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Poor old Michael Finnegan! How about those whiskers?! Thank you Anne at Laurel Hill Nursery School for teaching the kids this catchy little tune!  Be warned listeners, you WILL get this song stuck in your head!
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Hockey and the Detroit Red Wings, ep119 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Red Wings fans, you're gonna love this episode! Thomson is taking ice skating lessons, so his appreciation of hockey has grown quite a bit now that he realizes how challenging it is to even be on the ice, much less hit a puck!
Thanks for listening- please share & come back for more! ELE!

Breakfast and Archaeopteryx, Ep118 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Radio vs. Television- what do you think? Would you rather HEAR Thomson & Dad or SEE them? If you want to see them, check out the collection of pictures from the show at http://www.pinterest.com/jodyyvette/wgdai-radio/
In the meantime, we have some good radio for you here! If you like the show, be sure to follow & share- ELE!

Writing and Superheroes, ep117 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson is learning how to write! Cuck-a-doodle-doooo! This is one amped up kid! Oh, yeah, baby- ROCK-N-ROLL! If you don't get it, just LISTEN! And if you don't mind, follow us on podbean!  This could help us to get some sponsors to help pay for the enormous amounts of coffee consumed in this show!!

Canada and Chaos, Ep116 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Its the Bob and Doug McKenzie tribute show!!! I think Thomson would have gotten along very well with the McKenzie brothers! Thomson is pumped up today, why? Because he's a 4yo, that's why!!!
Warning, this show may contain silly jokes and use of words like poop & fart!
Thanks for listening!  Now go forth, share & love each other!!

Electromagnetism and Forces, Ep115 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Do you know the 4 forces in the universe? OK, Thomson didn't know them either, but Dad does! Thomson also learns about icicles, something we don't get a lot of in San Francisco, but we are thinking about all of those dealing with lots of icicles right now- brrrrr!
Thanks for listening- stay warm and EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY!!

Book Author and Variations, Ep114 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Sometimes Thomson even astounds his Mom & Dad! You will never believe what Thomson did today, all by himself! But you'll have to listen to find out WHAT! I'm not going to spoil it. We would like to hear your comments, because apparently Thomson wants to have an auction!

Thanks for listening, special warm shout-outs to all those struggling with super cold weather- ELE!

Cereal and Comics, Ep113 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

HAPPY NEW YEAR LISTENERS! Hear all about the goodies that Santa left!  Also, by special request, Thomson talks about what kind of cereals he likes! We are so grateful for all of our blessings- a happy & healthy family, a nice holiday, and lots of listeners that like to hear Thomson & Dad talk a lot! We wish you all lots of love & joy in 2014.  You know, its never a bad time to feel grateful and give presents! ELE!!!

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