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Thanksgiving Show- monster movies and Abbott and Costello! Ep108 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson sure loves old monster movies- Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, and of course the Abbott and Costello versions!  We're talking the originals here- from the 30's-40's, which are quite fantastic (and not nearly as scary!).  If you haven't watched the originals, check them out.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our loyal listeners and our new ones, too! We are grateful for you all, and we are grateful that we can share a little bit of our family with you on this podcast.  Peace, everybody love everybody!

Chemistry and Dinosaurs, EP107 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson now flies through his books, he's been reading on his own for almost a year!  His comprehension and memory is off the charts- so if you failed chemistry or never got down your periodic table, come study with Thomson- he makes it fun! 

Special shout outs to Basher Books for making Thomson's favorite books and to Podbean for featuring us this week on their website!  If you are a new listener, check out archived episodes where 4yo Thomson talks about trains, astronomy, music, heroes, villains, and one of his favorite subjects- Stephen Hawking!  We also make hockey podcasts and movie reviews, so stop back by or add our mobile app to your iphone.

Thanks for listening- ELE!!

Periodics and Carousel SUSPENSE! Ep106 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Dubnium Step!? You've never heard of it? Listen and discuss!

Thanks for your support and feedback- always appreciated!  ELE!

Chemistry and Rocks and Minerals, Ep105 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Do you know your chemicals for life? Me neither, but Thomson does! Oh, and he gets a little agro about green house gases! Learn more about amber and all sorts of things with Thomson and his dad! Special guest appearance by Cranky & Charlie!

Thanks for listening- ELE!

Cranky Crane and Jazz, EP104 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson earned 50 stickers by doing chores and got to cash them in to get Cranky the Crane to add to his Thomas train set!  He's pretty excited!  Thomson & John also talk about Jazz musicians and Laurel Hill Nursery School.  Special shout outs and prayers for healing to Allie and all of the family.  ELE!

Abbot and Costello and Movies, EP103 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson wasn't into trick-or-treating this year, but he does like to watch 'scary' movies- like "The Private Eyes" and "Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein"!  What? You've never seen them? Well, why not? And if you'd like more movie suggestions, check out John Madden's Movie Reviews, right here on WGDA Radio! 

Thanks for listening, ELE!

Weather and Earth, EP102 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Thomson loves to play imaginative games like running from tornadoes and staying on his 'boat' (a blanket on the floor) during a hurricane!  He learns about all of this weather stuff from his cool Basher book on weather, and of course from his Dad, who knows a lot about a lot of things!  Who knows, maybe YOU, our dear listeners; will learn something new!  And if you don't- pick a subject that you would like to have Thomson & John talk about and they will do it!!! 

Very special shout outs today to Alexandra VanWay, who is in the hospital and needs all of our love and healing energy to beat crohn's disease into submission.  If you would like more information about crohn's or would like to do something to help find a cure, visit http://www.ccfa.org/escapethestall/.

Thanks for listening!  ELE! 

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