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Halloween and Scotland, EP101 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson has been fascinated with all of the houses decorated for Halloween and pumpkins, too! He picked out his pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch yesterday, after a hay ride and crawling through the hay fort tunnels!
Thanks for listening! ELE!

100TH EPISODE SPECIAL - PART-2 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Just like some of the best anniversary tv shows, on this show Thomson & John reminisce about past episodes!  We'd like to hear from YOU- what are your favorite episodes of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson??  Tell us about it and you could be our next SPECIAL GUEST on the show!!!  Thanks for listening- EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY!!

100TH EPISODE SPECIAL- PART-1 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Thomson was so excited after a birthday party on Sunday that he was having a tough time going to sleep- so what's the best cure for a kid's insomnia?  MAKE A RADIO SHOW, OF COURSE!!  Well, it worked for Thomson, anyway!  He did go to sleep afterwards, but apparently he was right about the cupcake moving around in his belly, because it decided to make a 2nd appearance at about 4:30am!!  Oh well! 

Hard to believe we've done 100 episodes since March 2013! Its great to include our progeny in what we love to do- make media of all types- radio, shorts, feature films- we love to do it all and we are so glad you have checked us out!  If you are hungry for more, check out http://whaddyagonnadoaboutit.com/

Movie Reviews! - “Top Hat”

Some of the most spectacular production numbers ever made!  John Madden reviews one of the most loved musicals of all time.  Like John Madden's Movie Reviews? They're made to add a 1minute pizazz to any radio program.  If you audiophiles wanna add Movie Reviews to your radio show- give us a shout jody@whaddyagonnadoaboutit.com.

Movie Reviews! - “Straw Dogs”

This movie packs a punch!  Don't underestimate Sam Peckinpah.  This is one of the greatest movies on the nature of masculinity ever made, it goes where most fear to tread.  If you have not seen the original, listen to this and watch if you dare!

State Names and Chinese, EP99 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Its the 99TH EPISODE!!!  We will be doing something special for our 100TH episode, so stay tuned!! Today's show has Thomson learning the state names and practicing Chinese?  He can read, but he doesn't always pronounce them correctly, which is pretty funny!  99 episodes - we sure love to do this! Glad you like to listen! ELE!

Highlights and Spanish, EP98 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson works on his Spanish, thanks to Highlights magazine!  Remember Highlights? Lots of people my generation remember reading them in the doctor's office!  Thomson has a subscription, thanks to Aunt Angela! 

Do you have a topic you are burning to hear Thomson talk about?  Comment and let us know! If we use your topic, we'll give you a SHOUT OUT!  ELE!

Movie Reviews! - “Citizen Kane”

Yes, you've heard of it, you've seen it on the list of best movies of all time, but what do you REALLY know about it?  Test your knowledge against John's in this minute & a half MOVIE REVIEW!

Movie Reviews! - “You Can’t Take It With You”

You've asked for it- here it is! Film historian John Madden gives quick reviews of some of his favorite movies of all time!  Even if you are a movie buff, you are bound to run across some films that are new to YOU!  In this review- you may know Frank Capra, but do you know "You Can't Take It With You"? 

Magic Number Nine Hockey Broadcast, 10/17/13

Avalanche undefeated, strong Sharks opening, who else looks good so far in the NHL?  John Madden has been called a hockey expert, amongst other things!  Whether you agree with his analysis or not, this dude knows A LOT about hockey!  So if you are a fan of the best sport in the world, you are gonna like MAGIC NUMBER NINE!! 

Special SHOUT OUTS to Laurie Madden and Vinecenzo Muro for commenting on the significance of the number nine.  We love comments, so tell us what you think!

Airplane and Hockey, EP97 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Where does Thomson get this cute little accent from?  What do you think? We are excited about the Red Wings game tonight, but Thomson picked the Colorado Avalanche to win?? A TRAVESTY in the Madden household! LOL!
Thanks for listening- Everybody LOVE Everybody- even Avalanche fans;)

John Ryan and Science, EP96 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson got to hang out with his super cool cousin, John Ryan!  They talked about rocks and minerals and Thomson showed him around the Academy of Sciences.  John and Nancy brought beautiful flowers from Hawaii & California!  Plus, Thomson's HOCKEY PICKS!!!  How do your picks match up with Thomson?  Comment & let us know!

Dreams and Quinoa, EP95 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Thomson tells a fantastic story today- what an imagination!  Sea-going ghosts and spiders and hurricanes!
More hockey picks, whaddya you think about Thomson's hockey picks?
Thanks for listening- ELE!

NHL Picks and Trains, EP94 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Its Hockey season, that means there's a lot of hockey going on in our house!  Thomson is getting some opinions about teams and learning more about the game.  Thomson says- BE COOL & STOP HANGING LIKE A BARNACLE!!! 
Special shout outs to John Ryan who's heading to San Francisco and Bubba- who is getting married very soon!

Magic Number Nine Hockey Broadcast, 10/10/13

Gearing up for the Red Wing game tonight!  PLUS up to date hockey news, exciting recaps of last night's games, who's injured, who's suspended.  Lots of good games tonight, John makes his picks.
Magic Number Nine- the ONLY 7min hockey broadcast- fast and hard-hitting just like the BEST SPORT IN THE WORLD!

Magic Number Nine Hockey Broadcast, 10/7/13

Preview of games coming up, over view and analysis of weekend games, and of course LOTS of Red Wings talk!  Is Chicago still the team to beat this season?  How WILL the Sharks do this season?  How do you feel about fighting in hockey?

Leaf Prints and Niceness, EP93 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Have you figured out that Thomson can read yet?  He's been reading since about 3.5 years old, and his comprehension level is quite amazing!  Today Thomson reads about making leaf prints and talks about our latest mystery!  Where did this spot on our roof come from? We'll get Scooby Doo and the gang right no it!  Thanks for listening- ELE!

Thomas Magazine and Mellow, Ep92 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson is pretty focused on Thomas the Tank Engine and all of his friends today!  Very mellow show, kind of a mellow day!  Hope your day is easy and mellow, too!    And don't forget to enter VFW's scholarship contest, deadline is Nov 1st!  There are 2 programs for different age groups, find out more here:
Thanks for listening, ELE!

Mellow and Monday, Ep91 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Its a beautiful summer day in San Francisco!  Yes, in San Francisco, we get 2 months of summer- October and May!  On today's show- discussion of career options on the water and more!  Thomson is quite the performer today! Special shout outs to the folks at WIDR in Michigan and Thomson makes his hockey picks.  Thanks for listening!

NHL Prodigy and Favorite Elements, EP90 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson is 8 of 8 on his hockey picks for yesterday's games!!!  But he broke his Dad's heart today when he picked the Hurricanes over the Red Wings!!!  Now we've got to hope he's wrong!  And on to the periodic elements- whaddya know about the Transactinides?  Well Hassium is Thomson's favorite!  Oh, and that silly Geranium!  Who knew that the periodic table could be so much fun?  Thank you Basher for your wonderful illustrations- they are fascinating!

Special SHOUT-OUTS to everyone at Laurel Hill Nursery School!

30,000 Listener Special-PART-2, EP89 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Elephants, HARS (?), and Ghosts, OH MY!  With special guest Momma! 
We are so super excited about how many people drop by our podbean site!  Didya know that we are also available on iTunes?  If you're feeling helpful, write us a review on iTunes, it helps people to find us! 

30,000 Listener Special, Part-1, on A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Thank you so much for listening, sharing, and being a part of our unique little broadcasting family!!  Thomson has some pretty interesting things to say today, including calling congress a drink-cart-machine!!  LOL!!!  BTW, that pic is Thomson's 'wrecker machine', and Thomson makes some pretty good Hockey picks!!  ELE!!!

Thomas and Yoga, EP87 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Thomson sure is excited about trains and the Red Wings!!  He does a little Kundalini Yoga finger meditation to calm and focus- Sa,Ta, Na, Ma... it seems to work!

Magic Number Nine Hockey Broadcast, DAY 1!

Oct 1, 2013, DAY ONE of the FULL SEASON of hockey!!  Go DEEP into the game with John Madden, some call him a hockey expert, some just call him a nut, some would say- What's the difference?!  Regardless- hate the game or love it- you will have a better appreciation for the game after 7 minutes of...
Magic Number Nine
your resource for hockey recaps, news and predictions

Trains Galore and NHL Picks, EP86 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson is a big fan of trains, especially Thomas and Friends!  Are the Scottish dour? Whaddya think?  Thomson is also a big fan of HOCKEY, just like his dad!  Can Thomson pick game winners?  WHAT? Are you kidding me?  Well, we'll see after today!

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