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Red Wings Preseason, Magic Number Nine Hockey Podcasts!

Gearing up for the 2013-2014 hockey season!  Here's your 7min overview of where the Red Wings stand as we enter the season.  Stay tuned for more in depth coverage of the greatest sport every devised by man- HOCKEY!!!

Stephen Hawking and Nature, Ep85 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Where does Stephen Hawking live??  Well Quantum Physics says... infinite possibilities and all!  Who cares about Big Foot? or Nature?  The challenge of having a smart kid- they know everything and are a bit contrary!  Absolutely hilarious show, had me in tears!  Hope you like it, too- ELE!!!! 

Shout Outs and Spelling, Ep84 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Today's episode brought to you by the letter Q!  Thomson & John discuss some difficult topics today- saying NO and playing with GUNS.  Pretend guns, of course.  Still, its terrible to hear 4yo boys pretending to shoot each other.  Its not allowed at school, we discourage it at home, what else can you do?  We would love to hear your thoughts on this!  More important than ever - Everybody LOVE Everybody!!!

BIRTHDAY SHOW, EP83 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Hey, is Daddy's birthday!  So why not celebrate with a stiff drink of coffee and some tasty milk for Thomson.  Ah, the exciting life of a parent...but you can also learn some chemistry on today's show!  Thanks for listening!  ELE!!!!

Hockey and Letters, EP82 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Conjunction Junction, what's your function?  Making letters? Adverbs? Anyone remember School House Rock?  Even more important- last night was the Red Wings 1st preseason game of the year!  We are excited about hockey season starting, and stay tuned to Whaddya Gonna Do About It? Radio because John will be doing hockey podcasts once again!  Thanks for listenening- ELE!

Heroes and Villians, Ep81 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

The never ending quest- understanding the nature of heroes and villians!  Thanks for listening, please share, comment and come back often!  ELE!

Music VS. Musician, Ep80 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Does anyone else out there agree with Thomson- Robin Gibb is a little goofy? But he does like the music! Also working on numbers in different languages, and making more friends at Laurel Hill Nursery School!  Thanks for listening- ELE!

Pasteur and Stories, EP79 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

What does it mean when something is pasteurized? Learn along with Thomson, because he likes juice and milk an awful lot!  You can add WGDA Radio to your iPhone as an app! Go to https://whaddyagonnadoaboutit.podbean.com/mobile/, at the bottom of the screen you will be able to click the "Quick Launch" icon and WGDA Radio will appear on your home screen! You can also subscribe to us on iTunes!! Thanks for listening- ELE!

24K Listeners and Captain America, EP78 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

What a fun show today! Did you know that 4yo Thomson has played hockey for 16 years??? Neither did we!  For parents out there- highly recommend these zoomba toys, Thomson creates things out of them everyday!  Thanks everyone for pushing us over the 25,000 mark- Thomson just loves to make these radio shows!  EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY!!!!

Workday and VFW1, Ep77 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

What is so attractive about lower deck? What do you get when you put milk and yogurt together?  What is up with these colored rooms?  This excited little monkey will tell you all about it!  Sending out special love to the VFW for giving out scholarships to kids.  Thanks for listening- ELE!

Laurel Hill Playground and Cows, EP76 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

TGIF!  Get your weekend started off right with 7min of fun with Thomson & John!
Have a wonderful weekend- ELE!

Cafe Cole and Buses, EP75 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Evidently Thomson has made the connection between sunscreen and sunburn!  Who knew that buses can be arrogant?  Well I guess if cars can be pretentious... Oh, and that's a shark tattoo and a bandaged thumb.  Thanks for listening, ELE!

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