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Connections and Hippopotamus, EP74 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson & Dad talk about veterans, James Burke's Connections and hippos with their big head mouths!  Also helping out the VFW again today by promoting their contest for scholarship money called Patriots of Pen, you can read more about it here:

Thanks for listening- have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend & keep in touch, we love to hear from you!  ELE!

VFW and Lower Deck, EP73 of Cup of Coffee with Thomson

VFW has asked us to help to get out the word about the "Voices of Democracy" audio essay contest, where kids can win scholarship money for college.  One of our favorite broadcasters of all time- Charles Kuralt- won this contest back in the 40's!  Its great for building kids' confidence in writing & giving a speech. 

So this show is dedicated to all of our Veterans- and all they have done and continue to do for us.  Thanks for listening & helping us to get out the word!  ELE!

Chalcopyrite and 1612, EP72 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Wow, what a bizarre imagination Thomson has!  Minerals & motorcycles & racecar-wheelchairs, oh my!  Sometimes all you can do is scratch your head!  His stories seem to get more bizarre everyday!  How about you- listeners?  What's the strangest story you've heard out of the mouths of babes??  We would love to hear from you!  ELE!!

Aunt Laurie and Agriculture, EP71 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Special guest- the lovely Laurie calling in from Houston, TX- where its a sweltering 95degrees?? Whew- as Thomson would say- isn't it glad we live in San Francisco?!  Laurie gives some great advice for Thomson's strawberry plant, and Thomson is excited about hurricanes and Stephen Hawking (yes, again! He's Thomson's favorite superhero, I sure hope he is listening)!

On Location & Firefighters, EP70 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Firefighters are great, especially our firefighters here in San Francisco!  They came by and gave Thomson a cool firefighter hat!  Oh, and Thomson is too busy today to have much to say, so its a short & sweet show!  ELE!!

School & Tired, EP69 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

1st day of school for the fall semester, for Thomson & Daddy!  Work trade at a preschool doesn't seem like much, but boy it sure can wear you out!  How about our listeners- has your school year started?  What is your experience?  Have you ever done a co-op?  We would love to hear from you!

Stephen Hawking & Technology, EP68 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

A Stephen Hawking clay figure! And a pool, because how else could he race his wheelchair??!!  Special shout outs to Free Gold Watch and Great Indian Food!  Thomson & John also talk about Technology, like Smart Materials.

Thanks for listening, please come back often!  ELE!

Dentistry & Movie Review, EP67 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Do you remember the elf in the old Rudoph claymation Christmas special?  Well, Thomson reminds me of him lately, he's created a tool to fix teeth!  It seems today he wants to be a dentist!  Also a review of The Three Musketeers (1948 film starring Gene Kelly) and rocketry!  Thanks for listening- please come back & share if you like it! ELE!

Migrations & Anatomy, EP66 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Do you know your building blocks of the human body?? Thomson does and more!  His memory is really quite amazing.  Oh, and he can read, too.  Thanks for all they hype, I love hearing that you all are talking about Thomson's show!  We love you- thanks for your support!  ELE!

Dictionary & Bagels, Ep65 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

I found this kid's dictionary at the Goodwill for Thomson, he didn't look at it for months, now all of a sudden he's very interested in it & it shows!  Thomson reads about ducks, malice, dinosaurs & scientists!  Thanks for listening, ELE!!

Stephen Hawking & Robots, EP64 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

 OK, have you ever envisioned Stephen Hawking as a super hero?  No?  Well obviously you are not a 4 year old!  This has to go down as one of the most bizarre shows we've done, Thomson is developing quite an interesting imagination!  And when you are done listening- SHARE! And when you are done sharing, RUN TO THE POOL! ELE!

20K Listners Special PART-2 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thanks to Tree Frog Treks for 2 great weeks of summer camp!  Thomson tells us how a very big snake crawled all over him!  Good show today, we are so grateful for the over 20,000 people who have checked out this little Father & Son radio show!  ELE!!

20K Listners Special PART-1 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

When Thomson gets to talking about snakes at Tree Frog Treks, the SanFrantist-tasting strawberry & taking a kayak to Louisiana, things get pretty interesting!  Just goes to show you- you can get ANYWHERE by going one direction for long enough!!!!

Thanks for listening!  Everybody LOVE Everybody!

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