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Summer & Church, Ep62 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Hello listeners!  This a special episode, the last of the summer as we take a 2 week hiatus.  We will return with more episodes in mid-August.  Here is a super cute episode for your listening pleasure!  ELE!!!

Trains & Summer Camp, Ep61 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Lots & LOTS of catapults, paddle boats, snakes & geckos! Also claymation, music, and trains!  Summer camps in San Francisco- WOW!  There is a summer camp for everything!

Special shout-outs to Tree Frog Treks and all of our listeners!  ELE!

Weather & India, Ep60 of a Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Thomson is a San Francisco native alright- he LOVES fog!  He also loves trestles & Indian food!  And he also LOVES making radio shows, and was not ready to say good bye today!  Keep listening- ELE! 

Breakfast & Kids, Ep59 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Its fun to play with trains!  Welcome Butch to Sir Thomson Hat's railway!  For those not in the know, Butch is one of Thomas the Tank Engine's friends.  Thomson also talks more about school & his new plants in his 'spot' (a cool window box in our house that's Thomson's play area).  Thanks for listening, we love you all and please check back daily for more episodes!

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