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Marriage & Grapes, Ep58 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

BIG day in San Francisco, the whole city is celebrating the supreme court ruling to uphold same-sex marriages in states that allow it!  We are so happy about this triumph of LOVE!  EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY!!!  Thanks for listening!

Summer Camp & Extreme Biology, Ep57 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Please excuse our absence- summer camps have taken over our lives!  We are having so much fun with it and want to share that with all of our awesome listeners!  So hope you enjoy this show, and please share it if you like it!  EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY!  Especially now that its legal in 12 states!

Geometry & Father’s Day, Ep56 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson & Daddy are joined on this special episode by Momma!  Fun with shapes, pies and panda hats!

Thanks for listening!  ELE!

Insects & School, Ep55 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Did you know that 85% of the human population have insects in their diet on a regular basis?  Can eating a Giraffe kill you?

Special shout outs to Cafe Cole, our favorite place in San Francisco to get a cup of coffee!  Their sandwiches are pretty awesome, too!  Thanks for the support!  ELE!

Girl & Injury, Ep54 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Could it be that our radio show host has a little girlfriend?   Another live-on-location radio show today with our 4yo host- Thomson!

Part 1 of 2, thanks for listening, please share with your families!  ELE!

Indian Food & Moths, Ep53 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Moths are nothing to worry about!  But beware of the GIANT OWL MOTH!!!  Where does Thomson get this stuff?

Thanks for your support!  EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY!

On Location with Ep52 on A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Short & cute show today- part 2 on its way!  Experimenting with location shows- you don't want to miss Thomson's song about buses, BART and farts!

Thanks for listening!  ELE!

PreK & Stars, Ep51 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

The kid gets better all the time! Today Thomson got a Sandoval Panda hat, as you can see from the picture! Thomson & Dad talk about stars- no not the celebrity type- the type made from hydrogen & helium!  Plus more tales of Laurel Hill Nursery School.  Thank you for listening!

Music & School, Ep50 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

"Put down the duckie, I wanna play saxophone!"  John & Thomson have a jam session today!! Oh yeah!

Thanks & welcome to our new listeners!  We've heard so much fantastic feedback- keep it up!  WE LOVE YOU!  ELE!

First Day of School! Ep49 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Laurel Hill Nursery School- you rock our world!  Our first day and boy was it wild!  So many things to do, so many great kids, teachers & parents- its all a bit overwhelming!  Thomson made it through with only a bit of a blow up when he had to go- who can blame him?  Its so much fun, I don't know how they get any of the kids to leave!

Thanks for listening and sharing!  We love comments & we love you!  ELE!

Adventure & Aging, Ep48 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson tells us how FUN he is and how being a year older has changed him.  Thanks for listening!  ELE!

Birthday Show- Algebra & Extreme Biology- Ep47 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson is very excited about the new Basher books that he got for his birthday!  These are on Dinosaurs, Weather, Algebra & Geometry, and Extreme Biology!  To find out more about these awesome books, here's a link:


You can seriously learn a lot from these books, right along with Thomson!  Thanks for listening- we would love to hear from you!  ELE!!

Birthday Show- Dinosaurs & Weather- Ep46 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson turned 4yo on June 3rd! He has been the center of a birthday storm of relatives, friends, gifts and adventures for the last week, so we are making up for it with a special 2-part BIRTHDAY SHOW!!!  Super cute, I hope you enjoy it!  ELE!!

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