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Rocks and Minerals, Ep45 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Thomson is becoming so good at being a radio show host!  Thomson loves rocks & minerals- do you know the names of these?  Time to learn something from a 4yo!!!  AND- Thomson asks- WHO'S OUT THERE??  Leave a message for Thomson so he knows who's listening- and you will be a special shout out!

Thanks for listening- ELE!

Periodic Table Advances on Ep44 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson memorized the Periodic Table of Elements when he was 2yo, so now its time to learn a little bit more about these elements that make up our world!  Thomson just loves to soak up these stuff- so much so that he doesn't want to say goodbye this time!

Keep listening, and we'll keep getting better!  We love you!  ELE!!!

Detroit RedWings VS Chicago Blackhawks, Round2 of playoffs on Magic Number Nine

After 3 games in this incredible series, are we looking at an upset in progress?  Get a great inside look at this incredible match up by literally one of the BIGGEST REDWINGS FAN in broadcasting- John Madden!  Get pumped up for the game tonight with Magic Number Nine!

Science Museum and UnderDog, Ep43 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson is in rare form today!  He plays "Twinkle, Twinkle" on the xylophone, talks about the rain forest, technology and meteors AND manages to spill egg & chorizo all over the place.  Don't you love 4 year olds?!  BTW, if you can help John with chorizo cooking hints, please post a comment here!

Thanks for your support!  ELE!!

Sharks VS Kings, Round2 of playoffs on Magic Number Nine

Who will win this California throw down?  And who will the winner play next?  Get recaps & predictions here on Magic Number Nine- your NHL playoff hockey podcast!

Rangers VS Bruins, round 2 playoffs on Magic Number Nine

Catch up on the playoff games with Magic Number Nine hockey podcasts!  Don't miss a minute- this is one of the most exciting NHL playoff seasons ever!

Madagascar and Sandwich, Ep42 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson was such a good kid on Saturday that he got to pick out a video at Le Video- THE spot for renting videos in SF (and with many places closing, its one of the ONLY places left to rent videos)!  He chose Madagascar- maybe you've heard of it?  We had a ball watching it as a family, and as you can hear- it made quite an impression on Thomson!

Keep listening & Sharing- 11K and growing strong! ELE!!

Penguins VS Senators- Game 2 on Magic Number Nine

Grudging respect for Crosby, yes the Penguins are stacked.  Can the Senators rise to the occasion, or did beating the Canadians take too much out of them?  Get your recaps on all the playoff hockey games here on MAGIC NUMBER NINE.

Pizza LIVE on location, ep41 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Lesson of today's show- don't go around licking everything!! LOL!!  Special shout outs to Sir Nick Dandy, Aunt Laurie & Grandmother!  Also to our 2 most favorite neighborhood businesses- Free Gold Watch and Cafe Cole!!

We love you!  Now go love everybody else!!  ELE!!

Hockey & Bad Coffee, ep40 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!

Thomson is into whispering lately!  He's also into yelling!  We're hoping he figures out the appropriate times for each of these as some point! And after watching Jaime Oliver's food revolution, I now know that Thomson can name more vegetables than many American adults!  But that doesn't mean that he doesn't enjoy pizza for lunch!

Thanks for listening!!  ELE!!

Magic Number 9- HOCKEY PLAYOFFS- round2- Part-2 THE WEST

Some of the most exciting playoff hockey in years!  Get the update here on Magic Number Nine!!

Magic Number 9- HOCKEY PLAYOFFS- round2- Part-1 THE EAST

Get the full recap of round 2 of the NHL HOCKEY PLAYOFFS!  Part-1 THE EAST!

Chinese & History, Ep39 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

What a brilliant little boy!  His Mandarin pronunciation is very good, what do you think?  Thanks for checking out the show- ELE!!

10K Listeners Special Part-1 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

THOMSON'S 1ST BASEBALL GAME!  Wow, what an experience going to AT&T Park to see the Giants play the Atlanta Braves.  Thomson is so pumped up from this, he wanted to go back again today!  Thanks for listening- ELE!!

10K Listener Special Part-2 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Brush up on your French with Thomson!  We love all of you- ELE!

Chinese & Languages, Ep38 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Thomson loves languages! Mandarin, German, Japanese- can any of our listeners tell us how to say 11 in Japanese? Our lessons only go to 10!  Thanks to all of you for pushing us over the 10,000 mark- we will have a special 2-part show tomorrow!


10,000 listeners & French, Ep37 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson

Lots of love to over 10,000 listeners! THANK YOU!  Thomson & John are practicing their French today!  Thomson loves to learn other languages- so far he knows a little bit of French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Mandarin.  How wonderful to understand at so young and age that there are as many ways to express our thoughts & describe the world around us as there are people in this world!


Catch Up Show- Beatles & Hockey, ep36 of a Cup of Coffee with Thomson

EPISODE 36 IS THE CUTEST EPISODE EVER!  This one choked me up a bit!  I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Special shout outs to Matt, Relissa, Sol, Dena, Dave- we love you all!

Acrosports & Hockey, Ep35 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson


Thomson talks about Thai food, fungus, acrobats, hockey, and Thomas the Tank Engine.  You know, usual 4 year old stuff!


Rangers VS Capitals- GAME 1 on Magic Number Nine

Full recap & in depth look into the NY RANGERS VS. WASHINGTON CAPITALS on Magic Number Nine- your resource for playoff hockey!!

Senators VS Canadiens- GAME 1 on Magic Number Nine

Wow- was this a great match up with a fantastic crowd! Hockey Night in Canadien puts NBC coverage of NHL playoffs to shame!  Get the full recap here on Magic Number Nine, for this & ALL the playoff hockey!

Kings VS. Blues- GAME 2 on Magic Number Nine

KINGS VS. BLUES- who will win this showdown? Get the full recap of GAME 2 on Magic Number Nine!


Ducks VS. Red Wings- GAME 2 on Magic Number Nine

Oh boy, are we happy Red Wings fans today!!! Duck fans need not apply to this broadcast, you WILL be offended!


Leafs VS Bruins- Game 1 on Magic Number Nine

Are the Toronto Maple Leafs hungry enough to bring down the incredible talent of the Boston Bruins?  Get an in depth look at all of the play off games & the teams still in the running for the Stanley Cup on... MAGIC NUMBER NINE- Your play off hockey podcast, now available on mobile!  https://whaddyagonnadoaboutit.podbean.com/mobile/


Penguins VS Islanders- Game 1 on Magic Number Nine

Magic Number Nine takes a look at the depth of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the impending move & doom of the New York Islanders.

WATCH MORE HOCKEY! And catch up on what you didn't watch with Magic Number Nine- also available on our mobile app!


Sharks VS Canucks- Game 1 on Magic Number Nine


Magic Number Nine, your PLAY OFF HOCKEY PODCAST, takes an in-depth look at these two teams-

who will win this battle of the west?


Beatles & Hockey- EP34 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson


THE MADDEN FAMILY GOES HOCKEY CRAZY!  And mad for the Beatles, too.  The three of us actually DO live in a Yellow Submarine- ya know!  If you are listening on iTunes or on the WGDA RADIO APP (https://whaddyagonnadoaboutit.podbean.com/mobile/) you also get to see an awesome picture of Thomson's art- titled by him "Black Hole - Eris".

IF this isn't enough hockey for ya', check out Magic Number Nine!  WE LOVE YOU! ELE!

Jeff Daly & LA- EP33 of A Cup of Coffee with Thomson!


Writer/Director/Producer & dear friend Jeff Daly joins the show today- hooray!!!  And Thomson plays with an Ax, or is that an X?  Either way, its made of Zoomba toys so don't be afraid!

We love our listeners! ELE!

Kings VS. Blues- GAME 1 on Magic Number Nine

Magic Number Nine is BACK & covering EVERY playoff game in a short, fully packed 5 minutes!

Can the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions make it past the 1st round against the Saint Louis Blues?

Get John Madden's take on it HERE!  ELE!

Blackhawks VS. Wild- GAME 1 on Magic Number Nine

Magic Number Nine is your resource for the 2013 NHL playoffs! In a packed

7 minutes of ranting & raving you'll get John Madden's opinion of GAME 1 of

the Chicago Blackhawks VS. Minnesota Wild.


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