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Magic Number Nine, Episode 4, 04/23/12

The first round of the playoffs has been a BROU-HA-HA!!! We recap the blood that has been spilled, the elimination of the Red Wings, Sharks, Canucks, and Penguins, and look at the blood yet to be spilled. Our team profile this week is St. Louis and the new Ken Hitchcock "chuck and change" system that wrought havoc on the Sharks. And in the "Aspect of the game" we look a little bit at the Powerplay, a decisive element in many a series this week, especially St. Louis/San Jose, and Philly/Pens. Say good night Mikey Babs - you and the Red Wings are couch bound until August. THIS IS THE MAGIC NUMBER NINE HOCKEY BROADCAST!!!! FACE OFF!!!!

Magic Number Nine, Episode 3, 4/16/12

In this episode of Magic Number Nine, Brendan Shanahan gets his balls cut off and the league throws discipline away.  The "FIX" is in.  Plus special guest Anthony "Coldbox" Carty talks of his passion to root for any team playing the Red Wings, team profile of the Nashville Predators, a SAVAGE recap of last week's games and visionary prognostications for this week and beyond.  And of course lots of ranting & raving about the best sport on earth by your host, John Madden!

Magic Number Nine, Episode 2, 4/10/12

RANT & RAVE with us on Magic Number Nine- THE hockey podcast for the 2012 Play Offs Season!  In this episode, John discusses who's in the playoffs and the games that got them there.  John also rants about the most basic & most important aspect of the game- handling the puck!  TEAM SPOTLIGHT- the Calgary Flames!  Guest host - John Marovich.  LISTEN, COMMENT, RANT, ENJOY THE GREATEST SPORT EVER!

Magic Number Nine, Episode 1, 04/03/12

Magic Number Nine is a hockey podcast hosted by John Madden to rant about the 2012 play off season.  The first episode talks about who's likely to make it in the playoffs, takes an in depth look at what is considered a legal hit, Team spotlight on the Detroit Red Wings, and includes guest host Jody Yvette.

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